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As we walk down Hollywood Blvd toward Highland on the left just past Virgin Records we dive down the subway stairs to catch a train to the intersection of Hollywood and Vine. This intersection is about a 1/2 mile so east of Highland. You can walk it, but we preferred to experience the subway. A daily pass is only $3 and you can ride the tube all over LA. Click here to see a map of the subway.

Fans of the movie "The Italian Job" will remember this station as the one where the robbers drop the armoured car through the roof.
Across from the subway station entrance we find the Pantages Theater on the north side of Hollywood Blvd just east of Vine.

"Built in 1930 (shortly after the birth of "talkies") for the then-princely sum of $1.25 million, the Pantages (then part of the Fox movie theatre chain) was one of the most beautiful theatres in town. It hosted the star-studded premieres of such films as "Pride of the Yankees," "Cleopatra" and Judy Garland's "A Star is Born." The annual Academy Award ceremonies were held at the Pantages throughout the 1950's; which included the first time the Oscar ceremonies were ever televised (in 1953). And the Emmy Awards were held here each year until 1977, when they moved to Pasadena. The musical tribute "I Walk the Line, A Night for Johnny Cash", was taped here on Oct. 25th, 2005.

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We get our bearings and head north on Vine. Low and behold we find the Capital Records building, a Hollywood landmark. Note that there is a holiday spire decorated in this photo taken around Thanksgiving.

"The present Capitol Tower building was constructed in 1956 at 1730 Vine Street near Hollywood Boulevard. According to James Bayless, "In February of 1956, Capitol Records reached a long planned-for goal when West Coast operations were consolidated in a new combined studio and office building in Hollywood. The building is unique in a number of ways. It has already become a Hollywood landmark as it is the world's first office building in fthe form of a round tower. Now widely known as the 'Capitol Tower', the building was designed by Welton Becket, noted architect, and is a modern, striking, earthquake-resistant reinforced-concrete structure. It is 13 stories tall and 150' high, the maximum building height permitted in Los Angeles."

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The Palace Theater is rumored to be haunted. To learn more about it's manifestations click here. Unfortunately if you look carefully in front of the theater you will see another trademark of today's Hollywood. Trash. It is everywhere. They need to take a huge vacuum cleaner to this place!
As we walk north on Vine to our left, directly across from the Capital Tower is The Palace Theater located at 1735 Vine.

This three story building was built in 1927, one of the four professional theaters in Hollywood, originally called The Hollywood Playhouse, later renamed The Palace Theater. In its long successful history, spanning 75 years, it has provided a showcase for many stars to shine, more than any theater in Hollywood, creating many fine memories for thousands of people who came and saw its first class entertainment. Fanny Brice's radio program, The Baby Snooks Radio Show, and Ken Murray's popular Blackouts Theater Revue, (1942-'49) made their home here. It became one of television's first studios. Television shows such as This is Your Life (Groucho Marx), The Hollywood Palace (variety show), The Lawrence Welk Show, and many Bob Hope specials were filmed here.

The Palace Theater has been remodeled into a high class night club, that continues to be the place to film television specials, to hold film premiere parties, a place to use as a film location, and a place for top music artists to shine in front of an appreciative audience.
Hollywood/Highland - Hollywood/Highland 2 - Hollywood/Vine - North on Vine - Mulholland Drive